Hello from deep January, when I still wake in the very dark most days and the sun doesn’t seem to rise up in the sky as much it travels along the horizon slowly brightening the world. More or less, of course, because it is January.

But the gray monotony was broken this last week by several systems moving through, bringing wind and snow and transient blue skies and a few spectacular sunrises. And a renewed sense of hope as an unexpected side benefit. Somehow the melting snow, even after it’s very short stay, stirred up some deep remembering of spring, of the softening and warming and greening and growing that is hidden latent in winter. I found myself looking at the snow-mottled ground and thinking about digging and planting and what we might grow together this year.

Yes, there is plenty of gray winter yet to come. But it doesn’t feel like a hope that spring is here, just a deep quiet confidence that it will come.

If you can’t feel it yourself just yet, I hope that my confidence is just a little bit catching.

2 thoughts on “01.19.2020

  1. Beautiful sky. Southern Blak Hills winter is a break from the harshness of the winters in ND. Celebrate the clear sky!

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