Greetings on the last day of this year. I have been feeling resistant to all the extra new year’s kerfuffle this year with the change in the decade. Maybe because I feel like I’m deep in some unknowable process of becoming and I don’t have any desire for a fresh start or a new plan right now. Maybe because I didn’t notice until Instagram pointed it out to me and I’m just contrary like that. Maybe because the whole concept of linear time feels increasingly preposterous.

So no big 10-year review or anything of that sort today, just a little catch-up from the last month and a half of unplanned time away from this space. Honestly, it’s not too big an update. Mostly lots of winter skies.

In homestead news, we cut our first christmas tree from here, which was joyous. Admittedly in part because it saved us hours of a hunting mission on a busy December weekend, but mostly just for the satisfaction of finding one more thing that this scrappy patch of land provides us. The chickens have also been free ranging which leads to all sorts of charming “is this my life” views out the window. Along with a pretty constant battle to maintain our claim on the front porch as a poop-free zone, and an extended contest with the roosters for yard dominance.

December has been gray and mild in these parts. It sort of wrapped me up in a blanket of cloud and demanded that I rest after a too-busy fall. It feels good.

And, of course, a few images from our annual late December beach trip:

Happy new year!