I took a broom making class through our local folk school this weekend. Everything about it was right up my alley – an old craft, simple materials, and a practical and functional product. I went in thinking it wasn’t likely to be a craft that I would do on my own after the class, but it would still be satisfying to do it once.

Of course, I liked it and started considering how many brooms I could use in my life. But we talked in class about how it’s a hard skill to maintain because it’s obscure enough that there aren’t instructional books or online videos to refer to when you are trying to practice.

Then, Monday afternoon I took an afternoon walk out the driveway. On my way back, I met a woman carrying a full armload of mostly-finished brooms. I stammered out a few questions and learned that she recently moved into a little cabin near the end of our driveway. And she happens to be a broom maker. Who makes using the same technique I had just learned.

Broom-making skill: too obscure for the internet, but available in my driveway. I love my life.

3 thoughts on “10.16.2019

  1. On my bucket list! I feel like they are so superior to the plastic nylon pieces of crap that litter my days. And how surreal to find a broom maker on your way to your mailbox!

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