(Yes, I’m publishing this well past the date, but that was the date I felt compelled to share these photos, when I uploaded them and created a post. But then I never got back to write any words to go with them. I’m learning that sometimes the quiet is what I have to share.

It’s not that there were no stories, but I need to catch them as they pass, or let them go and trust that they weren’t meant to be written just yet. It doesn’t work to save them up or to go back and write them later. So there you have it, a couple of moody July skies, good for pondering or inducing rib-expanding inhalations.)

2 thoughts on “07.13.2019

  1. I think their may be a weasel in your computer hitting the send button repeatedly. I got a dozen copies of this post yesterday, and again this morning. Have others reported the same?

    1. Yikes! I see now that it did publish a whole pile of duplicates! Not sure what happened, but I’ll look into it. Thanks for the head’s up, and sorry for all the inbox clutter.

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