I got a burst of creative inspiration this week in the midst of so much doing very little. And this particular inspiration was very specifically about extemporaneous quilting. It seemed to come from nowhere, but I can trace its roots to the sentimental clothing retirements of late and thinking about reusing scraps in rag rugs or other projects.

I wasn’t willing to use any sentimental bits on my first attempt, but the bin of fabric leftovers and irresistible thrift store finds was generous. I quickly got sucked into the piecing and cutting and just seeing what would emerge next. Of course then I decided I could turn my playing into a throw pillow and that took several times as many hours as I imagined it would… but in the end, I replaced a generic Ikea pillow and sparked all sorts of ideas for future projects. A win from the week of doing very little.


4 thoughts on “12.29.2017

  1. Go on wit’ yo’ bad self! Mitered corners on your border?!? Oh wait? You made a border, too? Quite advanced for a first run…and I eagerly await the next iteration!

    1. Wait, there’s an easier way to make a border? Enlighten me! And chalk this one up to pure ignorance and the power of google.

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