A new year

Sigh. We’re just back from three days at the beach, days mostly filled with the kind of meandering exploration that a vast expanse of beach invites. I happily filled the dark or rainy interludes with fires and board games and knitting and good books and journaling, but the beach was the structure of our days. I started each morning with a walk in the early light to leave first tracks in the sand and retraced my steps each afternoon as the sun slipped toward the horizon.

I don’t think there could there be any better background for contemplating the passage of time than a crashing surf amid the slow rhythm of the tide. It was the space that I needed to close out this year and make way for the next. 2016 felt like a quiet year for me – the tangible evidence of the year’s passing slim and the intangible still escaping easy description. But those intangibles feel very real and I’m grateful for its gifts even if I can’t quite tell you about them.

So I’ll skip right to my (equally intangible) wish for 2017: May you find greater connection to the wisest quiet voices inside you, to this beautiful world and the humanity that fills it, to those dear to you and those who appear so different. May you know the thread of the universe that passes through you.


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