A someday rug

dsc_4328 dsc_4329

This wool rug project has been in deep hibernation for about two years, a fact I know for certain only because this blog is now old enough to have documented my exuberant start before it disappeared into the depths. And by depths, you understand that I mean some horizontal surface in the sewing room where it doesn’t quite belong but stays for six months or so until it gets shuffled again. (See what I did right there? The guest bedroom just became the sewing room, which is great news for justifying its general state and less good news for future guests. At least the ghosts of unfinished projects are generally friendly.)

I never stopped liking the idea of this rug project, or wishing that I had the finished rug, but it was slow going and something else always seemed to be more urgent or more gratifying or just easier. Then this fall I had a stroke of brilliance. I realized that this rug was a two-person project, and I recruited Dean.

I braid, he sews. Sooner or later it will become I braid, he laces.

To be honest, the idea was initially more of a ruse to convince him to keep me company so that I would spend more time working on it. But it’s actually a really good two-person project for us, because there are so many little tasks that Dean can switch between and not get bored while I just keep braiding which makes for momentum and actual progress.

We still have a long way to go, I think we’re about 30% done with the braiding. There haven’t been any marathon sessions, just an hour in the evening here and there. I’m thinking that maybe if I don’t look it straight on, we’ll have a rug someday.