It’s December, and I feel like I should say “I can’t believe it’s December” but mostly I think it feels about right. I took a walk out to our mailbox during my lunch break today, and there was a bite in the air I haven’t felt this mild autumn. It was raining just enough that everything I was wearing was damp but not quite wet and I was surprised to find that even after climbing the hill back up to the house, I was still cold. Another cup of tea warmed me up, I seem to drink it more or less continuously these days. We’re twenty days out from the solstice and twenty minutes shy of the darkest morning, but it feels very much like the midwinter stillness is settling around us.

I have some good winter crafting to share with you if I ever remember to take some photos during daylight. But it won’t be this weekend, because we’ll be away, a bit south visiting some dear friends. Last weekend’s trip a bit north to spend Thanksgiving with family-you-choose felt like soul medicine, and I’m looking forward to another dose. Winter always feels like a time for soul medicine, but this year I need to fill up on as much of that as I can. Tea and good conversation and the company of good friends, my kind of medicine.