Sweater, reincarnated

img_1699 img_1682 img_1690(Excuse the wonky photos. The self-timer and I are still working out some differences of opinion.)

I finished the house sweater, which feels like a supremely boring knitting project to share. It is warm and comfy and slipped seamlessly into my work-from-home wardrobe. I’ve even been wearing it out for special occasions like “running an errand” or “attending a meeting”. I know, the excitement here is pretty intense.

The fit in the shoulders isn’t great, and my thoughts on that are detailed for any knitters on my Ravelry project page. I also had some reservations about a cardigan with no fasteners that I expected to be winter wear, but it’s totally fine with just a shawl pin. (I wasn’t kidding about the supremely boring thing.)

I think my favorite thing about this sweater is that it’s actually a reincarnation of the very first sweater I ever knit. I found Elizabeth Zimmermann right when I started knitting, and was fully sold on her assertion that you don’t need to blindly follow patterns, so I set out based on some of her “pithy instructions”. But I was too inexperienced for that to be a successful strategy, so I ended up with a sweater that was too slim a fit for a worsted-weight fabric. I wore it a handful of times and then it sat in my closet for a few years until it occurred to me that it wasn’t just an ill-fitting sweater, it was also a stash of nearly-new yarn I still liked. So I unravelled the entire sweater, washed the wool to remove the kink, and re-wound it. Together with the leftovers from that original project that were still hanging around, I had a new sweater for nothing. Which feels a bit like magic, even for a knitter accustomed to the magic of magic of making fabric out of nothing but sticks and string.