Fruitcake. Seriously!


Fruitcake is seriously misunderstood. Someone really needs to develop some marketing on its behalf, maybe right after they tackle the hot water bottle’s campaign.

I mentioned way back in December that we made old-fashioned fruitcake again. Somehow amidst all the winter treats, one little loaf was never cut open and eventually tucked into the back of the pantry. I remember seeing it last spring and thinking that I should really unwrap it and see what kind of state it was in but then I chose to pretend not to see it. I’m aware of the concept that fruit cakes keep but I wasn’t terribly interested in personal experimentation with the subject.

Fast forward to three days ago, when the cupboards were perilously low on treats and Dean was scavenging deep and he re-discovered the forgotten fruitcake, just sitting there wrapped up in waxed paper. Driven like only a man in a house without cookies could be, he bravely opened it up.

And it’s totally good! Like the flavors have mellowed nicely and it’s maybe a bit dry but overall, just as tasty as it was ten and a half months ago. Which is to say that it’s damn good.

So I think this means that fruitcake has the approximate shelf life of a Twinkie without any creepy industrial ingredients. And it’s actually delicious. What’s not to love? Seriously!

ps – And just in case you’re tempted to start your own holiday fruitcake tradition, this is the recipe that we’ve used and I highly recommend it (obviously).

3 thoughts on “Fruitcake. Seriously!

  1. I loved that fruitcake! And I’m sorry I didn’t get to taste the…ahem…aged version of it! Perhaps you should send me the recipe so I can make some in the coming weeks…

    1. Yes, you should totally make some! Our recipe came from a sweet Taproot article, I added a link to the recipe on their website above.

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