And then there were two

dsc_4314And then there were two. We thought all four pigs would be gone today, but decided at the last minute to hold off on the girls because they were so much smaller. So just Wilbur and Zoro left in a truck yesterday. That’s one of them above, hanging next to someone else’s pair of alpacas.

Which means we have a few more weeks of daily chores and Daisy and Lambchop get a few weeks to enjoy life without bullies. It won’t be my first thought on the next dark wet morning, but I really am happy to extend the routine of morning feedings. Like so many things, I feel resistance to pulling on the boots and heading out into the weather most mornings but it’s rare that I don’t return feeling grateful for the ten or fifteen minutes spent breathing morning air and bantering with pigs. It always feels good to get outside first thing and lift a couple buckets, rinse some mud, scoop some grain. And then to give one of them a pat on the head as I head back up to the house, tell them to “have a good day, pigs”, and get on with the day’s agenda.

So for today I’m holding both the ending of pigs’ lives and the reprieve from the ending of our relationship with these pigs. Feeling satisfied to have raised those two pigs that will fill the freezers and feed the families of five friends. And feeling somewhat sheepishly relieved that there are still two waiting for me to deliver breakfast tomorrow.