Morning after the storm

img_1640 img_1643 img_1645 img_1647 img_1650 img_1651Emerging from our first big fall storm here, which happily turned out to be less dramatic than the forecast. Three days of wind and rain but never too intense. This morning the sky is full of weather – the remnants of the storm sitting heavy in the sky, another succession of showery cells blowing in, and clear blue defending some territory for its own. Layers of clouds and light that just kept drawing my attention up into the drama.

It was a good morning for a walk and plenty of the neighbors seemed to agree, gathering in the street to share relief that the storm had passed, walking the dog, just spelling the cabin fever. There’s something about that morning-after-the-storm walk that reassures whatever got unsettled, and this was a good one.

One thought on “Morning after the storm

  1. I enjoy your beautiful photos of an area I once spent time in, and reading your interesting and thoughtful words. Thank you.

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