DSC_4193 DSC_4195 DSC_4254 DSC_4188 DSC_4276 DSC_4248 DSC_4262Hello again. I’ve been off to the mountains. We took a full eight days to walk for miles and sleep on the ground and swim in mountain lakes and have long rambling conversations about what we love most about backpacking trips and how someday we’d like to do another very long hike and the perfect backpacking meal plan, of course.

All week the word “waning” vibrated in my mind. The full moon was so bright it woke me at 2a our first night out but then gently waned all week. And despite a couple days of sweltering heat, it was apparent that summer is most certainly waning in the high country – the flowers in the many meadows were hanging on and the sweet berries could still be found but the nights were just holding off autumn and it was clear the momentum was shifting. Especially on the mornings when we awoke to frosty lace on the leaves in the open places.

Even as our days in the mountains waned, I felt so grateful that my self from last summer wrote the note reading “two weeks off in August!” and that my self from early spring committed to an 8-day hike and followed through even when it felt like we were woefully unprepared and that my self from the first day of our trip created a beautiful itinerary when our plans were completely thwarted by overbooked permits and rangers offering only defeat. It wasn’t the trip those former selves imagined but in the end, it didn’t matter a bit. It was glorious and I have eight more days of sunny mountain goodness stored up in my bones. And I feel richer for that.