Homestead update: August 8

DSC_4137 DSC_4133 IMG_1538

August. Sigh.

It doesn’t seem possible that summer can turn, on schedule, from harried to halcyon, but it sure feels like it has happened again. There are still three weeks left, I know, but so far, August has lived up to her reputation and I couldn’t be more grateful.

We’re bringing in buckets of produce from the garden and spending as much time in the kitchen washing and sorting and dealing with it all as we are in the garden. I snapped the two photos above on Saturday afternoon when I came back from a short stint weeding and watering and was taken aback when I noticed just how much things have shifted. I’m still bringing in the early summer staples of lettuce and greens and broccoli and the last of the peas, but the late summer crops are quickly coming on, the cucumbers and squash and a trickle of tomatoes. (And sunflowers, of course.)

Tomatoes are a bit of a gamble here and with all the cool weather we’ve had, it looks like a very light crop this year. Our 18 plants should keep us in fresh eating but it doesn’t look like there will be many (if any) for canning. On the other hand, the squash and cucumbers look better than any I’ve ever grown. I made 3 quarts of pickles this week and my pickling cuke vines are loaded so I hope that’s just the start. That’s the zen of gardening, isn’t it – always something heartbreaking and something gangbusters, more often than not right next to each other.

The pigs have also been enjoying some garden bounty – they happily fight over kale stems and broccoli trimmings and week-old lettuce that we didn’t quite get to. Pigs are fantastic at allaying guilt about food waste, they are so happy for any mix-ins added to their regular grain slurry or, best of all, a second breakfast of greenage. And they magically turn your tired vegetables and slightly moldy bread into tasty pork!

Garden and pigs, it feels like that’s a short update, but that’s about all the homestead news right now.