Midweek camping

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Midweek camping, could anything feel more like a gift of stolen time? I’m tempted to say that we took off on a bit of a whim but honestly, I’ve been suggesting that we bike out to a local state park for a quick overnight just about every week this summer. And in some ways, this summer feels like a long string of good reasons that it really didn’t make sense (see: un-summer-like weather, brutal allergy season, work schedule, etc).

But then this week came and I half-heartedly suggested it again and none of those good reasons we couldn’t applied and so we did it. And it was glorious!

We took off at 6p with sleeping gear and ham sandwich makings in our panniers, and hit that sweet spot when night felt far off but the shadows had lengthened to cool the air. Made the island general store 15 minutes before closing to grab a treat for later, and then pedaled the last few miles to the park. We arrived at the sparsely populated campground, set up our tent, ate our ham sandwiches and treats, and then went for a walkabout to soak in the golden light and saltwater air. Quickly it was dark and I was very happy to add one to the woefully low tally of sleeping bag nights for the year. This morning we woke at my usual time to break camp and ride home and I was pouring tea to take to my desk a few minutes after 8a. Fourteen midweek hours, which I assure you translate to many more in camping standard time.

I think I’ll try suggesting it again next week.

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