Chickenfest 2016

Max’s mama: “Max, where are the chickens?”

Max, age 2: “Fweezah camping!!”

It true, another chickenfest is in the books. Somehow, I failed not only to take any pictures of the big day but also to take any pictures of the chickens in the last month, so you just get a few words today.

I’m trying to soak in the deep satisfaction of competence. There is plenty of room to strive for expertise yet, but after five or six years (we can’t quite keep track) of raising and processing our own chickens, I can say (not quite comfortably, but I can say)… we can do both competently.

Yesterday was easily the smoothest operation for a chickenfest. There were plenty of factors working in our favor – a great crew, a smallish batch of birds, beautiful weather. But from start to finish, we knew what needed to be done next. There was no mental wish list on how we could make things work better next year. We finished a couple hours earlier than expected. We saved all the gizzards! And yes, the chest freezer is loaded to full capacity with plump birds.

I hope that I never stop learning and trying new things. But in this life I’ve chosen that is so crowded with things I wish I could do with more skill or efficiency or confidence, or at all… it feels important to pause and notice when something can be added to the “competent” column.