It just kept whispering “blanket”

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One chunky brown blanket complete and another big chunk of real estate freed up in the yarn stash drawers. I absolutely love the deep brown tweed with flecks of all sorts of color (except when trying to photograph it, then I hate it)… but it’s been sitting in a drawer for a few years and I just didn’t know what to do with a thousand meters of super bulky weight wool. It kept whispering “blanket” and I kept trying to argue. I had some very good points – about how nobody needs a blanket that heavy and there wasn’t quite enough of it to make a proper throw and all of the very good reasons why blanket patterns are designed for lighter yarn. But it just kept whispering “blanket” until it wore down my resistance.

I conceded just in time for summer. Because who doesn’t want a pile of extra-heavy blanket in their lap for summer? Well actually that worked out alright because June turned out to be mostly cool and damp.

The result is a squishy, cozy lap blanket with, admittedly, a little heft. It may not be much use for a few months but come fall it will keep some legs warm.

Details here on Ravelry.