St John’s wort magic

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St John’s wort in olive oil, just after filling the jars
The same oil jars a couple days later, along with a jar of tincture (alcohol infusion)

The St John’s wort is in peak condition for collecting, just on schedule according to the commonly held belief that it is named after the feast day of St John on June 24. I filled my basket with bright yellow flowers twice in the past week.

The best part of infusing St John’s wort is watching the yellow and green tops magically transform the oil or alcohol into a rich dark red. It looks like alchemy, although if you take another look at the flowers above, you’ll see some hints of it.

This is only the second year that I’ve collected but it’s locally abundant and both the tincture and oil became fast favorites this past winter. Feeling rich to have those jars of midsummer healing on the shelf once again.