Buried treasure

No, really. I have unearthed everything here in or near our garden. My best guess is that I’m finding remnants of a household trash pit from the days when our lower field was the back reach of a family dairy farm, although I’m a bit stumped because it’s quite a distance from where I understood the farmstead to be. I realize that it’s still just trash, but “interesting trash” seems like a very good definition of treasure.

I was doing a bit of sorting and cataloging this weekend, so I took a few pictures to share with you.

Here’s the ceramics collection – a mix of thicker crocks and lighter dishware, including one intact handle and a doll boot. A porcelain doll boot!

DSC_4025There’s more glass than anything. Some of the bits that I find interesting are the canning jar lids, the almost-intact little apothecary jar, some pieces I managed to fit together to  read “M. Gruenberg” (that once held Old Judge Kentucky Bourbon, based on some quick internet research), and the opaque green bit in front of that:
DSC_4032There are also some odd chunks of metal and a few interesting parts of something…
DSC_4024Mostly, it’s a bucket full of broken old glass… dark green and pale green, brown, pale blue, clear, pretty much the whole range except cobalt. Most of it is pretty thick, but some isn’t.
DSC_4036There’s also a fair amount that has been partially melted.

Along with several chunks of old brick I didn’t photograph, that’s pretty much the whole collection.

I have no idea what I’m ever going to do with any of it, but I can’t quite bear to just throw it away (again). In the right hands I imagine it would make some sweet mosaic, but don’t see me finding the time and patience for that in this lifetime. What else can you do with a pile of broken old glass? No really, I’d love to hear if you have any ideas.


5 thoughts on “Buried treasure

  1. Miss B…treasures like those have a story, so let your imagination run with it. BTW…Mike’s four boys, at the time ages 6-12, stayed with us in TN and they too, unearthed treasures such as yours. They thought of great stories for each piece. And so will you….

    Broken glass: do a mosaic on clear glass. An small old window would be the ideal item.

    1. Faye! I should have known you would have good ideas! (Off to google how to create mosaic on glass…)

  2. Hi Bethany,
    If you wrap them in copper or any thin wire, you could make any size or shape piece to hang over a window as a Sun catcher. Or a decorative wall hanging. In any event they are interesting and beautiful.

    1. Hmm, I both think this is a good idea and that wrapping thin wire in such a way that it looks decorative rather than like more trash is beyond my abilities. Thanks for playing, though!

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