The necessary things


We returned from the east coast yesterday. As we drove up the driveway after 14 hours of travel and not nearly enough sleep, I was so relieved to be home I almost wept. (I handle overtired about as well as your average three-year-old. I’m not proud of this, but I accept it.)

The impulse to weep may also have had something to do with the grass that had grown at least a foot while we were gone and the garden exploding in weeds and the broken window and everything else that didn’t somehow resolve itself while we were away. I felt the weight of spring on this homestead force the air out of my lungs. I resolved to breathe deeply and figure out a plan of attack only after I had a good long sleep in my own bed.

And then these words from Ben Hewitt landed in my blog feed this morning, words that couldn’t have possibly been more perfectly aimed at me on this day:

There is more to do than I know how to accommodate, or sometimes even consider…

We’ll be ok, of course. Things will get done, and that which doesn’t get done will get done later or ultimately be deemed unnecessary in the first place, and we’ll think to ourselves isn’t it lucky we didn’t do it back when we thought it had to get done, before we had a chance to realize it didn’t need doing at all?

So today I tried expelling the overwhelming to-do list from my brain by putting it on paper. And then I reviewed it, knowing it was an impossible list and plenty won’t get done but that’s ok, because we haven’t yet had a chance to realize what was just unnecessary.

The necessary things really aren’t such a long list. Yesterday we unpacked and got some rest. Today I was back to work and after that, I decided the most necessary thing was to appreciate the rhodies and lilacs that have just started blooming, along with the start of the herb garden that seems to be thriving. Tomorrow? Hard to say.