Bare feet and sweaters

DSC_3945April is cruel. Mostly, I want to hurl curses this morning at this season that feels like nothing but a pile of work and delayed gratification, when everything is bursting with new leaves and blossoms but there is seemingly no end to the same boring meals. April is sunshine and a cold wind, bare feet and sweaters.

Oh, sweaters. It’s the same pile of wool that I was swooning over six months ago, but now every time I need to leave the house I stand in front of my closet with complete indifference. I’m so tired of every sweater I own (and even my wool shirts) that being forced to choose one and put it on feels too demanding.

So, in an effort to combat this cruelness, I bring you a list of hopeful things from this week:

  • Onions and potatoes and peas are planted in the garden and I filled up the culinary herb section of my new herb garden with transplants. I forget every year how much work it takes to get to planting, but there are actual things in the ground and growing.
  • The hammocks are hung! It’s mostly too chilly yet but I’ve tested them out just a little and there are some fantastic summer naps in my future.
  • We planned our first camping trip with friends for May, which means there will be tent sleeping and campfires and outdoor cooking in my life soon.
  • We bought a canoe! Which I think will be mostly for picnic paddles close to home but holds all sorts of possibility.
  • Rhubarb. This wet spring has meant a bumper crop, so there are muffins on the counter this morning and all sorts of ideas for the rest of the bag in my fridge.

And… I’ve run out of steam. Not exhaustive, but that’s enough hopefulness to get me off this computer and into my day.