Doilies for rocks


Look! I taught myself just enough crochet to have covered two rocks!

I’m completely in love with the whole concept of doilies for rocks. They serve no function, but seeing them makes me happy, which seems like more than enough reason to keep playing.

As you can see, I upgraded from leftover sock yarn scraps to actual crochet cotton. I also invested in a crochet hook of the size suggested by the pattern instead of the unlabeled one that I found in the bottom of a basket of yarn I picked up at an estate sale years ago. Both of these helped immensely but the process is still very much a mix of feeling reasonably competent and fits of cursing.

The thing that still throws me about crochet, more than anything else, is how you have to figure out not just HOW to make each stitch, but WHERE to make it, too. With a reference book on hand, the series of wraps and pulls that make up the how is pretty straightforward to me. But I twist and turn my existing stitches and can’t tell up from down or front from back until I finally just give up and guess on just where I’m supposed to attach the new stitch. And if I have to hook into a chain stitch (which seems like it should be the easiest option), I’m definitely in trouble. At which point it’s helpful to remember that it’s a doily for a rock.

In knitting news, the shawl is still unfinished. It’s been two weeks and I’ve managed to weave in almost fifty ends. Which means I have just under a hundred to go. It has spend most of the last two weeks in a ball shape in the bottom of my knitting basket while I pretend that the long johns I abandoned on the thigh of the first leg over a year ago are suddenly very exciting and require my immediate attention.