I took a little walkabout Sunday afternoon and snapped some photos and wrote a blog post in my head… and then promptly forgot about it all until I saw the images on the computer this morning. So consider it a few postcards from my weekend:

The very first dandelion blossom I spotted this spring! There were several more on this walkabout, but this (somewhat bedraggled) one was the very first. Sunshine in tangible form.
… and some very early salmonberry blossoms seem almost over-the-top in their pinkness while everything around them looks mostly dead or bare still.
I started my first seeds! Just a small batch of greens, to try out my new set-up of a heat mat in this cold frame on the south side of our house. I’m pretty excited about the possibilities here…
And my first crocheted rocks! More on this coming soon. Spoiler alert: totally fell down a rabbit hole.