A man sweater


I finally finished the sweater for Dean! And I’m not sure which one of us is more relieved that it fits and is a generally normal-looking garment. Which shouldn’t be shocking, it’s not like I’ve never knit a sweater before. But this was my first sweater for someone else, and while Dean is a very gracious knitted gift recipient… he’s also particular about his clothing and especially how it fits.

I told myself all along the way that it didn’t matter how much I had to rip out and re-do, I wanted to make something that would actually be functional and not just keep the closet monsters company. And I know Dean was bracing himself for the fact that we was going to feel obligated to wear whatever I produced in all those hours. After the false start, it actually went pretty well. I added a few inches to the length of everything and modified the collar to fit his preference, but otherwise just followed the pattern and all went smoothly.

Knitting details are here on Ravelry.

And after three months of knitting on (mostly) one thing, I’m free to knit anything I want! Which means it is full steam ahead on this shawl that I just barely got a start on last fall before the sweater yarn arrived and it has been (mostly) sitting in the basket waiting ever since.


So far it feels like the perfect project – a bit more interesting than endless plain knitting but not so interesting that I can’t listen to a podcast or watch something while I work on it, big enough that the end result feels substantial but small enough that I can imagine finishing it. And a new shawl at the end. My go-to shawl started feeling a little… worn of late, which is probably reasonable given that I knit it about four and half years ago.

So it’s happiness all around in the knitting update (and yes I am choosing to be blissfully ignorant of the absolutely absurd number of ends to weave in on that shawl).

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  1. So much to love here…the PNW scene, the bridge, the color of the wool, the sweater itself, and sweet Dean’s smiling face!

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