Randomness on a January night


Another week up and evaporated and I am feeling quite baffled as to where it went. Actually, I’d like all of January to account for itself. I was pleasantly surprised when I was turning into the driveway at 5:20p this afternoon and there was still waning daylight, so I guess February is all right on some fronts, but that doesn’t help to explain how none of the handful of blog posts I’ve written in my head over the last week and a half failed to even make it to electronic draft form.

So, in no particular order:

  • The giant man sweater is very nearly complete and I am thrilled. I completed the neckband and sewed one of the sleeves to the body and have a start on the second sleeve seam. Beyond that, it just needs the ends woven in and a good dunking. Dean shall have a sweater before winter is over and I shall be released to embark on other knitting projects guilt-free.
  • I got distracted from the sweater for a bit by hat knitting. For a good cause! My local yarn store is collecting hats for refugees and I couldn’t resist contributing. The best part? The utter freedom of casting on an arbitrary number of stitches and knitting without a pattern and feeling confident that “it will fit someone” and really, that’s all that matters. I finally understand all those grandmas who knit whatever the hell they want without worrying about who it will be for. It always seemed so… altruistic, to be so unattached to the end product but I finally get it, it’s the absolute freedom from producing a result that meets a stated intention or satisfies an intended recipient. It’s knitting bliss!
  • I made some of my standby leftover oatmeal muffins last week and they were a delicious little treat. So of course Dean made some sweet potato and carrot muffins the next day and (just to show me up, I think) frosted them with a quick goat cheese frosting. Think cream cheese frosting for the dairy-challenged: chevre, butter, powdered sugar. A little bit of heaven. I don’t even like frosting and I have been daydreaming excuses for more. I’m scheming to decide what quick baking project will prompt him to bake a full-on carrot cake in order to retain his chief baker title.
  • Finally started running again a week ago after a long winter break. It’s crazy how I’ve been trying to convince myself to go for weeks (months?) and just couldn’t get over the mental hurdles of the short winter days and then when I finally got out there in the dark and wet it just felt like a relief, like it was exactly what my body had been needing and I finally gave in to the inevitable. It’s just a short 15-minute route around the neighbors and back but gads do I feel better. I am so stubborn I don’t even want to like running anymore but nothing else feels so… native to my body.