Wool cycle

IMG_1263It’s been a long while since I wrote a knitting report. And for good reason, because I haven’t had much to say about my knitting in a long while. I could have sent the same report for pretty much every week since the last time, when I showed you the first six inches of a sleeve two months ago: “Don’t seem to have much knitting time these days and what knitting I do seems to disappear directly into the black hole of the vast sweater for Dean. The monotony is somehow comforting, but the vastness seems able to swallow hours weeks of time and skeins of yarn.”

And then, quite surprisingly, I sewed up the shoulder seams last night and was looking at a something resembling a sweater vest. Add in that sleeve I knit as a swatch when I was feeling wary at the start, and I’m nearly there. One more sleeve, a neckband, and the finishing. Even better, I got Dean to try on what I have of the body and it seems to fit. We’re still a couple of weeks away from anything that could be called “done”, but I have new hope that I may someday knit something that is not dark gray.

In related tales of knitterly satisfaction, I tackled a couple items in my darning pile this afternoon. A pair of well-worn and much-loved long johns got a quick repair and were immediately put back in use. Here’s a quick before-and-after (the knitting needle is threaded behind the repair).

IMG_1250 IMG_1252

And then a pair of socks that my toes had started poking through. Which I deemed too far gone for any more darning, and surrendered to the compost pile.IMG_1254

I find it easier to accept that things are no longer useful to me when their fate is compost rather that having to put worn-out items in the trash, or even a donation pile for things that still have life left in them. It seems like a dignified end for them, and just one more reason why I love 100% wool. (Although I don’t love darning socks enough to knit them in 100% wool anymore. I have come to my senses on that score.)

So there you go, the cycle of life for knitted woolens.


2 thoughts on “Wool cycle

  1. Wait! Before you compost the socks, consider if you want to felt them and use the cuff part to slip over an otherwise plain potted plant or maybe cover a mug for a pencil holder. Or maybe they really are too worn. 🙁

    1. Good ideas! These weren’t special/sentimental enough to make me want to salvage the cuffs but I can see myself doing that with others.

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