Gold season

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Have you noticed how daylight savings time ended and all felt right in the world again? No? Maybe that was just me. But after the bedlam that was the last month, I think anything would feel like an improvement.

I am a creature of habit. I happily dwell in routine and October disrupted all sorts of them. While I was away visiting New York and North Dakota the end of September, the morning light retreated far enough that when I returned, I could no longer sneak in even a short run before the workday. I also came back to the start of an herbalism class that takes up my Wednesday morning each week, and demands that I find time for homework in the rest of my week. There was all the stress of first-time pig butchery and the end to five-plus months of morning feeding chores (not that I miss morning chores, per se, but I don’t get out many mornings this time of year without a good reason, and I notice that effect). I could go on, but suffice it to say that, in retrospect, I spent the last month desperately seeking routine. But I think I’m on the road to recovery in November.

Amidst all the disorder, I did manage to finish up a couple projects. After pressing my new cardigan into service a bit prematurely, I couldn’t seem to take it off long enough to address the pocket situation. Finally, a few weeks ago, I made it to a knit night to poll the regulars and the consensus was that while it was pretty great as is, it deserved two pockets that were appropriately positioned. I knew it to be so, so I picked out the seam on the first pocket and re-attached it about an inch and a half nearer the center, and sewed the second one on to match. The initial seam had left quite a channel in the fabric but after re-blocking, there’s not a trace of it. I love that about wool knits. And I love wearing this very all-purpose sweater with two pockets.

And in the knitting support category, I finished my second IKEA-and-milk-paint dresser project. It fit perfectly into a bit of unused space in my office and is generally a big upgrade from the collection of old thrifted suitcases I had been using to contain all of my knitting paraphernalia. Of course, I had visions of the dresser swallowing my yarn collection with room for file folders of patterns and drawers of neatly organized needles while in reality it’s stuffed to the gills with yarn even after a serious purge. But it is a huge improvement and the fabulous mustard color is very happy-making.

I also started a new sweater project the first of November, after waiting for yarn the entire month of October. (See what I mean about being adrift? I didn’t even have a steady knitting project!) It’s my first attempt at knitting a sweater for Dean… but it doesn’t fit the color scheme of this post at all, so we’ll talk about that another day soon.

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  1. I love this color! It’s very similar to that large piece of vintage linen that I got several years ago that I have cut up and sewed into everything. I still have some left, and don’t want it to end.

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