Marvelous Saturday

Today was supposed to be pig day, but it got pushed off 24 hours so I had a little windfall of time. How to spend it?

  1. Finish up a little sewing project to make a new meditation cushion. Marvel at the magic of kapok stuffing and the brilliance of my decision to do said stuffing on the front porch.
  2. DSC_3559Move the new yellow dresser into its new home and fill it up with yarn and knitterly delights. (Yes, the photo is from the start of this project not the end.) Marvel at how I really need even more yellow in my life.


3. Make soap!

4. Walk down the driveway, and marvel at how the gallows fits right into the place.


5. Google “how to collect pig blood”. Marvel at how you can find anything on the internet, except a reliable-looking recipe for Irish black pudding. Seriously, internet. This is a situation that needs to be resolved.