Almost counts in knitting

Hello from somewhere over Wyoming. I’m attempting to blog from an iPad in transit, so if you’re reading this, I am a champ. I’m on my way to the east coast, where I am very excited to spend a couple days with a dear friend, and to see how this half marathon goes. But more importantly, I am flying across the country in a gold cardigan. In THE gold cardigan, to be precise.

It wasn’t exactly the triumphant completion I anticipated for this week. If you recall, the last time you saw it, it looked quite vest-like. Since then, I have knit three sleeves. Yes, the final includes only two, but getting two required knitting three. The first bonus knitting I attribute to the pattern, which included some vague instructions for knitting the sleeves top-down to avoid seaming, which sounded pretty good to me. Until I had the first half of a sleeve done and it gave the appearance that I had a large tumor growing on my shoulder. So it got ripped out, and then to avoid more trial-and-error I opted to knit the sleeves flat. Which worked out alright until I got about 2/3 done with the second one and realized that the cuff was 4 rows longer than the first. So back it went, and the fourth go turned out to be the charm.

I had allowed a week for finishing, and thought I was right on schedule… But gads is seaming slow going. At least it is for me. Which is the only explanation I have for how I found myself weaving in ends and sewing buttons on at 9p last night.

Also crucial was deciding that one ill-placed pocket looks totally fine. For now. Because the second pocket is sitting in my knitting basket and I’m not looking forward to unpicking the seam on the other, but I’m determined to get the finishing right on this sweater. So it also needs buttonhole reinforcement and a ribbon to stabilize the placket, all in good time. My goal was to fly cross country in a gold cardigan and I’m wearing it, dammit.

Photographic evidence coming soon.