Random list of the day


Things I’m looking forward to, as of this morning:

  • Bike riding with Dean. You know how sometimes you don’t realize how obvious something is until you do it? Dean’s been without a bike for years, until last week, and I can’t believe we didn’t change that sooner.
  • The NorthWest Herb Symposium this weekend. It’s a bit more of leap into the herbalism world than I was planning right now, but then I discovered this event that was so close to home I couldn’t pass up the opportunity.
  • Another 4-day backpacking trip in the Olympics over Labor Day weekend.
  • Running 13.1 miles with a friend in less than a month.
  • Sampling dill pickles. We scored a case of pickling cukes last week (which have been in curiously short supply locally this summer) and turned it into a gallon of granary pickles in the fridge and 16 quarts of traditional fermented dills. It’s been a few years since I’ve tried traditional fermented cukes, deterred by the perpetual disappointment of them going soft and not keeping. But my friend the fermentation whiz tried a quick hot water bath after they were fermented last summer and the jar she brought us in Mach was a revelation. I’m back in the game, and full of hope that we’ll be eating pickles for months.
  • Reading a book in the hammock on my lunch hour. Again.