It’s still summer

DSC_3466 IMG_1010See that? The sunset from our picnic Monday evening, and the sunrise as I was heading out the driveway to the ferry Thursday morning. It’s been a long few months since I ran into sunrises and sunsets, just going about my days. The long, seemingly static light of summer is fading at the edges, the days curling at the corners just a bit.

There have been so many little signs of summer’s winding down this week. I can’t pretend that it’s still light when I sign off at night, even if I’m early to bed. Yesterday I went for a run at my usual morning time, and realized that all the headlights were on. If there were any streetlights on my route, they would have still been on. Granted, it was extra grey with passing rain clouds, but the light is noticeably weaker.

The gold cardigan I hope to wear on my trip east in September is looking much more like a sweater (I like to think of this as wooly sunshine, a little stash for when the regular sort is in short supply):DSC_3485And yet, I need to wrap this up so that I can finish packing my backpack, because Dean and I are headed up to a high pass to (hopefully) watch the Perseid meteor shower tonight. It’s still summer. Just that part when I have a hope of staying awake long enough to see stars.