I’ve spent the last few days sitting with my leg propped up on a pile of pillows, cursing my luck. I got stung by a bee this week. One of my honey bees, while I was harvesting honey. It should hardly be worth mentioning, except that instead of the usual “put some ice on it and then it’ll probably itch the next day” routine, this happened:


I got stung on the inside of my left ankle, right on the bony bit. And somehow, this one got me good. I maybe should have known it was not just another sting when I was unable to breathe for about a count of ten when it happened. But I got some ice on it as soon as I could and went about my day. Until a couple hours later when it looked like that. And it kept growing for about 24 hours, despite my best efforts with ice, etc. By that point, it had consumed my entire ankle, most of my foot, and was working it’s way up my calf, which meant that I could hobble about the house but mostly I was confined to any position that involved propping my left leg on a pile of pillows. And in case you hadn’t noticed, indignant about my predicament.

I’m happy to report, however, that I’m mostly back to normal today. I was able to go for a short run, and it started itching like crazy which I think means that I’m on the back side.

Looking on the bright side, there is this:DSC_3447

Our hive is doing great this year, especially for starting from a new package this spring. I’m thrilled that we harvested a full 8-frame super of honey this week, and it looks like there’s at least half as much again remaining in a second super. Is there anything as golden as summer light filtered through a jar of honey?