A wurm hat, socks, and an epic sweater

DSC_3396 DSC_3401 DSC_3403 DSC_3404Since I finished the sunburst baby blanket last month, my knitting has been all over the place. Once the end was in sight on the baby blanket, I started thinking about what would be next and settled pretty quickly on a sweater project. I’ve had visions of the perfect gold, v-neck, grandpa-style cardigan for ages.

Actually, it really has been years. I vaguely remember adding one to my Ravelry queue when I picked up knitting in 2009. Then I came across the perfect gold lamb’s wool cardigan in a store in Portland, Maine back in 2011. It’s price was commensurate with it’s perfection, and I didn’t seriously consider shelling out. But I still remember. And I’ve returned to that store, years later, not in any absurdly vain hope that I would see it again, but just to brush up against the memory of it’s glory, and to remind myself that I was still on the path to my own. (I’m sure this is completely normal.)

So, I was ready to take on the gold grandpa-sweater of my imagination. One week at knit night I dug through every shelf and corner of my favorite local yarn store and found some wool, colorway “calendula”, that fit the bill. They didn’t have a sweater’s worth, but it could be procured, and I had a plan.

And then I finished the blanket, and I didn’t have the gold yarn yet, so I knit a hat to occupy my hands for a week. A wurm hat, to be exact, in shetland wool with a soft merino/silk lining on the band.

I keep a sock-in-progress in my desk at all times, to get me through the most gruelingly dry meetings, and sometimes it sits for weeks or months without any visible progress. And then there are stretches like the last month, when a whole pair of socks appeared as I tried desperately to stay sane.

Still, there was no gold yarn in. I cast on a baby hat a few days before chickenfest, and finally got word that my sweater yarn had arrived. So the baby hat was finished and sent out into the world on the head of its recipient before I could snap a photo. And that afternoon, I picked up a whole armful of gold wool.

It’s not much of a start to a sweater yet, but I’m pretty much in love with it. Did I mention there will be pockets?