Pleasantly portly


This is a portrait of a dedicated and precise pig. Any pig might get their feet muddy or haphazardly drag a flank through the the mud on a hot day, but mud above eye-level is a sign of dedication to one’s craft. The kind of craft that is visible by mud application on precisely half of one’s body. It really highlights how the hair grows symmetrically out from the spine that way. And if you have to ask why he had to go around the tail, then, well, then you will just never understand Kevin.

So… yeah. We had some hot days recently. The kind of hot that drives a couple of pigs to dump their water until a satisfactory mud hole is created. And then run laps through the hose grunting for joy while you’re trying to refill their water bucket. File that under “things I didn’t expect when I signed up to raise a pair of pigs”.

They seem to be doing well, not that we have anything to compare them to, but they generally look pleasantly portly. Which seems like all we’re going for, really – good-natured and pleasantly portly.