[rubs eyes]

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[head slowly emerges from hole in the ground, eyes squinting against the bright sunlight]

Well, hello again. It seems that I fell down a hole for a couple of weeks. I didn’t intend to go dark but things got a little crazy around here. I’m happy to be back, but a little overwhelmed with all the catching up on everything. I wrote this post once a couple days ago but then lost it to the universe before I could publish it, so forgive me the very random bullets:

  • All of the chickens were sent away to freezer camp last weekend. We had 50% more chickens than in prior years and a crack crew and we rocked it. Seriously, I don’t know how we managed to find friends who think that butchering chickens is a great excuse for an annual gathering, but I’m more grateful every year. I won’t lie, I was the sort of tired that made me feel like I was made of mercury the next day, but it was a great day. And in a few shorts weeks, I’ll be ready to eat chicken again.
  • We got a second hammock, this one of the traditional shape. I love it even more than the hammock chair right now. It is bright happy shades of yellow and red and the perfect place to read a book on a summer afternoon. Or doze while Dean sits in the hammock chair next to it and plays guitar.
  • As I was walking back from a long run on Wednesday morning, I thought “yup, just a bit of a fall in the air.” And then caught quickly caught myself, because 1) it was July 15th! and 2) in was 70 degrees and perfectly sunny. I don’t know where my mind got the idea that fall was closing in but I’m rejecting it, because I’ve still got a whole lot of summer living to do.
  • On that note, it is undeniable that the long summer nights are getting noticeably shorter. Although one of the ways I cope in times of high stress is to head for bed (with a mug of tea and a good book) as soon as I’m tired in the evening, which means that I’ve still beat sunset most nights. It feels like such an indulgence, to have such an abundance of daylight that you can just sleep through the end it. Something about that made me think of how indignant I would be as a kid about bedtime falling before dark, and how I don’t feel even a hint of that now.
  • Also related: I’m training for my second half-marathon in September. I was leaning toward not training for anything this summer and then a dear friend decided to run her second half-marathon and I couldn’t resist the chance to run together. It’s been mostly really low-key, but I’m just reaching the point where it feels like I need to stay on top of it. I put all of my long runs on the calendar and bought a box of gels to carry on them, and I’m trying to go farther than around the neighbors in the morning. I’m just at that point where I think “why did I decide to do this again?” as I’m tying my shoes and then three miles in I’m thinking “I’d think I’d really like doing a 50-miler.”

And that is surely enough rambling for today. I’ll be back soon with more.