100 words of today

IMG_0891[Blatantly inspired by Susannah]

July. Sun. Heat. Breeze. Hammock. Another hammock. Skirt. Nap. Languid. Sink. Holding. Knots. Shoulders. Jaw. Gut. Desk. Spreadsheets. Inadequate. Incompetent. Overwhelmed. Breathe. Here. Enough. Tea. Sun tea. Salsa. Frozen treats. Soothing. Porch. Poppies. Borage. Nasturtiums. Sunflowers. Weed. Water. Hoe. Bees. Chickens. Pigs. Growing. Feeding. Grinding. Stronger. Stretch. Bike. Run. Free. Sweat. Trickle. Braids. Ceiling fan. Bare feet. Concrete floors. St John’s Wort. Meditating. Searching. Seeking. Kindred. Unsure. Stumbling. Guitar. Song. Strum. Rhyme. Repeat. Picnic. Beach. Sea. Sand. Kindness. Writing. Mail. Email. Journal. Hoping. Dark chocolate. Dreaming. Hiking. Swimming. Tractor. Fences. Garden shed. Home. Together. Trusting. Today.

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