Happy solstice

DSC_3294The calendar says that it is officially summer today. Most years, we wait until July 5 to feel confident that the damp is clear and it’s really summer. But this year has felt more like my memories of the northern plains calendar, when Memorial Day marked the official start of reliably summer-y days. Anyway, I think we’re there. At the least, I’m acting like it’s summer, which feels awfully good. Random evidence:

  • I got my bike out of the shed yesterday and cleaned it up and went for a ride. I love riding a bike and I really love my bike and I hate how long it has been since that has happened. So I’m hoping this is the start of a semi-regular thing. I really need to find a way past my extreme dislike of navigating our driveway on bike. Leaving here, the first quarter mile requires riding the brakes down a twisty and remarkably steep hill on loose gravel. Which means that the return involves pushing one’s bike up the same long hill. Now I’m whining, so let’s just say hooray for the pull of the bike overwhelming the dislike of the hill.
  • Cherries! Our annual 20-lb box of cherries arrived yesterday and the cherry-induced belly ache followed shortly thereafter. So worth it, there’s no room for moderation with ripe cherries. Cherries in my oatmeal, cherries mixed with yogurt or ice cream, but mostly just a mixing bowl full of cherries in my lap. If history serves, they’ll hold for about a week and I have no plans for baking or preserving so there’s a certain pace required. Which is to say… any finger-tip discoloration you notice is no cause for alarm. It’s just cherry week.
  • Friday evening Dean and I were chatting plans for the weekend and found ourselves disagreeing about which weekend day would be better for a picnic. So we compromised at both. I will eat on the front porch or at our picnic table any chance, but a proper picnic on a blanket at a park is where it’s really at.

I feel like I had more than three bullets on that list but Dean is packing our picnic basket as I type, so it must be time to stop thinking about summer and go enjoy some new potato salad on a blanket overlooking the sea. Happy solstice!