My first pattern release!

IMG_3436 IMG_3430 DSC_3124I’m super excited to tell you (finally!) that my very first published knitting pattern is out! Today! I’m hugely honored to be part of the new issue of Knitty. You can also see it here on Ravelry.

Over the last year or so, my propensity to freely modify every pattern tipped over that line into just knitting whatever it was I imagined. With the aid of a similar-ish pattern if it was handy; or not, if it wasn’t. Which is pretty much exactly how this scarf pattern happened.

By which I mean that’s pretty much exactly how I decided this scarf pattern was going to happen. And then came the steep learning curve regarding all the steps involved in getting from a completed scarf and “pattern” to an actual publishable pattern for said scarf. I don’t want to talk about the number of considered and discarded names. Or how awkward a wrapped cowl looks as soon as you try to style it to look natural.

Mostly it was fun and of course, I learned a ton. First and foremost, that I need to rope someone else into modeling because yowzers is that painful for me. And anyone else involved. (This is not new information, but somehow I still decided to overlook it.)

Secondly, if I have a calling in the world of knitting, it is most certainly technical editing. There’s someone whose JOB it is to check all of the knitting math (not that there was much number-crunching involved in this one, but I very much enjoy knitting math so it’s still the top of the list), ensure precision of language, and generally put everything in order. I also like precision and order rather a lot. I could happily spend hours immersed in these parts.

As much as the process has been fun and educational, it seems like this project has been in the background forever, so I’m thrilled to call it “complete” and see it out in the world.

(Yes, this is a scarf pattern in June. Knitters are generally accustomed to advance planning, and it’s not like a scarf is going to sit in your lap and make your legs sweat.)

11 thoughts on “My first pattern release!

  1. Bethany, It looks fabulous! congratulations on your accomplishment- very cool. And, by the way you make a great model. Love the design.

    1. I think the photographer might disagree with you on the model front, but you’re very generous. 🙂

  2. HELP!!! I love this pattern but I can’t move from chart C to chart D without 1/2 diamonds of different colours. Is the chart missing a step??? Pleeeese help, I want to finish this scarf soooo much.

    1. Ack! Thanks for asking, yes there is a line missing from the pattern as currently printed. There are actually 2 lines missing, it should be fixed on Knitty very soon. In the meantime, the line you’re missing is “Knit lines 1 – 7 of chart C” before changing to chart D. (The other fix is the chart D repeats after E.) So sorry for the confusion.

  3. What does “work as a set” mean. if I do chart A 4 times, what does it mean to work as a set after 2?

    Thank you

    1. The first instruction to “work chart A 4 times around” tells you that you will knit the chart 4 times in each round – there are 64 stitches in a round and 16 stitches in the charts.

      The second instruction is to “work as set”, which just means as you’ve set it up. And the “until you have completed 2 repeats of chart A”.

      Hope that helps.

  4. Uh oh! I mis-interpreted and did 4 repeats (14 rows x 4) of pattern 1. I guess I will continue with the patten as written. Thanks for your reply.

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