Strawberry glory

IMG_0846IMG_0844IMG_0848IMG_0851Each summer, I gleefully eat myself sick on fruit. Cherries used to be the start, and then the blueberries, likely followed by peaches… When those fruits that I love are at their peak, I embrace my inner glutton. And we can officially add strawberries to that list this year.

We have had good intentions of picking strawberries most years. But they hit that peak early, and it can be brief if a rainy spell settles in, as it often does in June. And so we’ve mostly missed them. Last year we managed a good stash of frozen berries, but we caught the tail end of the season, when they were best whisked to the freezer as quickly as possible. But this morning at the u-pick farm… strawberry glory.

My fingers are stained and my belly aches and a berry-smudged smile is plastered on my face.