Instant craftification

2015-04-27 19.30.15

2015-04-22 06.37.10I try hard not to pick up new hobbies, especially of the crafting variety, because there are already far more things that I’d like to make than time for making. But I fell down on the rope baskets last week. And I don’t regret it. This may be one of the most instantly gratifying projects I’ve ever done. I invested 3 minutes in watching this video and a few more in reading a couple blog posts. And then I started stitching, around and around and around. It’s really quite simple and completely enchanting.

The small bowl and coaster were my first attempts, the larger baskets my next. Everything you see, plus another coaster that got pressed into service immediately, was made from one 200-yard hank of clothesline. And thread. A lot of thread. But I don’t even feel bad about that, because I have a habit of picking up bags of thread from the thrift store when I like the old wooden spools, but there’s a limit to how many jars of old spools I need on the sewing shelves. Or more accurately, I can love them just as much empty of their thread.

And who can’t find a use for a few new baskets about? Or maybe more…


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  1. I love your basket with the handles. I’m sure you’ll find a lot of different ways to make them useful.

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