I declare: spring!

DSC_2982 DSC_2981DSC_2986It’s official, spring arrived to the homestead today. Sure, the calendar said it arrived a few weeks ago and the weather has felt spring-like for even longer. But we finally got the garden tilled, which makes it spring in my book. Even if it the sky didn’t exactly cooperate. And I brought the first new lives home, which also feels like a certain threshold of spring, even if those lives were of the insect variety.

It was over a month ago that I was feeling behind on the garden and comforting myself with how we didn’t get anything in the ground until April 11 last year, so we had all sorts of time. Well, we’re blazing new ground for future years’ comfort.

I mentioned way back here that our truck suffered some major mechanical issues. So until late yesterday afternoon, we were truckless. For six whole weeks. In spring. We have things to haul, universe! Rented tillers to tow, compost to spread, trash to dispose of, piles of wood to move! Things to do! The last week was excruciating, with daily promises of the hour it would be done only to discover another delay. But it’s home again now and all is forgiven. The bed already smells vaguely of composted chicken poo and the cab is chock full of miscellaneous tools and gloves. You know, the way things are meant to be.

And we got bees! Each year I forget how thrilling it is to nurture other lives along. Today it hit me when I was driving home with the bee package in the back of the truck worrying about jostling them too much on our driveway potholes (as if it could possible matter). It’s been a whole year since we had bees here, and I’m very ready to have them as garden companions once again.

And in less than a month, this place will be full of all sorts of new life when the chickens and pigs arrive. It’s still a little scary to write that sentence (the pig part really, we’re pretty well set on the chicken front). But this week we identified their territory and we’re actively working out the details of fencing, so it’s getting a little more real every day. Pigs! Our own pigs!