Iceland for spring

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I have a new sweater! It’s extra-cozy, and I finished it just in time for a stretch of warm spring weather. I’m sure there will be plenty of wool-appropriate weather ahead, but must admit the thrill is slightly tarnished. Not that I’ve let a little sunshine deter me from wearing it for the last three days, slight overheating be damned.

It’s an Icelandic yoked sweater in both design and yarn, Asta Sollilja from Kate Davies to be precise. I followed the pattern more closely than usual, even using the exact yarn and palette and I’m really happy with the results. It’s been a couple years since I have knit the kind of versatile, warm sweater that I might pull on daily. I wanted something that wouldn’t think twice about on the cool mornings in my office and that I would feel good about wearing around town. I think I got just that.

I also really enjoyed the process of knitting this one. The combination of worsted weight yarn and some colorwork to assay any boredom meant it went by quickly. The yoked sweater is one of the classic knitting designs that has been on my list of knitting I really wanted to explore for awhile. Making this one gave me all sorts of ideas for future projects and designs. Maybe next fall. I don’t know exactly what spring-appropriate knitting is or isn’t but I’m feeling like any more cozy sweaters are out.

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