Springfest 2015

2015-03-015DSC_2898We celebrated springfest here at the homestead this past weekend. You know, springfest, the holiday that coincides roughly with the spring equinox for those of us who recognize it’s about time for another gathering/feast/holiday, but don’t follow any tradition enough to adopt their name for said occasion. It was the first of what we hope to be an annual tradition, and yes, we’re happily entertaining suggestions for a better name.

It was also our first time hosting a holiday in the house, and I worried that it would feel forced or contrived, that it would be awkwardly casual or awkwardly formal. I worried that it would feel like a long drive on a short weekend for the friends who traveled. In the end, it was none of those things. Instead, springfest was a house full of good friends, good food, and the kind of good-natured ribbing that only comes with a considerable shared history. It was a peaceful escape between the long winter and all the bustle of springtime. When the house was quiet again on Sunday afternoon I just sat down and soaked it all in, feeling filled up rather than tired out.

I’m already making mental plans for next year, including taking more than a few measly photos. The two above do manage to capture a couple of the highlights. First, Dean holding court in the kitchen. He had an ugly run-in with a bread knife last Monday that left him with one cooking hand (the other is securely stitched up and will be fine, but was still mostly out of commission). Never one to relinquish his command of the kitchen, he managed remarkably well, even kneading bread and busting out an impromptu pie. But it’s hard to take a commander too seriously when he can’t pull a pan out of the oven without a minion.

And second, we broke out the china, which was exciting mostly because I’ve owned it for more than two decades and it was still in its original sealed packaging. I picked it out in 1991 when we visited Czechoslovakia on a family trip. So it wasn’t exactly expected to be a timely purchase, but I don’t think anyone thought it would take this long. Perhaps most amazing is that I actually quite like the design my 14-year-old self picked out. The whole incongruity of there being china in this house is pretty fantastic.