Clock crankiness

Today might be my least favorite day of the year. It’s the start of daylight savings time – just the name of it rankles me. Seriously, how can we all refer to an arbitrary shift in the clocks as “saving daylight” with a straight face?

It’s such horrible timing at this latitude. For just a couple weeks, I’ve been waking up to the early dawn light and it has been such a welcome shift after the long months of waking in the dark. There is such ease to starting the day with a little light. And each day the slightest bit more. Until today, when we were plunged back into the dark. So now I’ll spend a few days re-adjusting, and then re-playing the last few weeks while the light catches up to the new clock.

And I know that hour didn’t just disappear, sunset is later on the clocks but… mostly I think it’s a rotten trade. An hour of evening light is a poor substitute for an hour of magical morning light. I know there are many who would disagree with me, that aren’t up to notice the morning light but sure do like the longer evening light. Which just reminds me of how out of step I am with the mainstream.

Maybe someday we can abandon this absurd idea of meddling with time for eight months out of the year (seriously, it’s only in the winter that we have a symmetrical day). But somehow I think it’s more likely that maybe someday I’ll just withdraw enough to set my watch by the sun and not worry about syncing up with the rest of civilization.

So yes, a rather unflattering bit of crankiness today, but perhaps you can relate?

One thought on “Clock crankiness

  1. I agree – I am out of sync for a week, both springing forward and falling back!

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