the Spring

One swallow does not make a summer, but one skein of geese, cleaving the murk of March thaw, is the Spring. – Aldo Leopold

I saw geese each of the last two mornings. Yesterday it was just a pair of them, their unmistakable sound drawing my attention across the fields. This morning it was several smallish V’s, all heading on the same northwesterly bearing. I guess it’s official: our mild winter has given way to an early spring.

It’s hard to find the down side of the early spring, but I am too preoccupied with other things (see: cabin project) to jump on garden prep quite yet. I wasn’t even aware how much this was stressing me until I saw this happy reminder from my favorite seed company yesterday on Facebook and felt my shoulders noticeably lower.

Just a happy reminder that an early spring DOESN’T mean you are all of a sudden behind. – Uprising Seeds

It even inspired me to pull up my garden log from last year for a reality check. Predictably, I lamented the late start then, too. But after a wet March we tilled for the first time March 31 and didn’t get anything in the ground until April 12. And magically, I don’t remember feeling like anything was behind after that point So I’m giving myself a pass for a couple more weeks. I’ll give you a pass, too, just in case you need it.