sThis weekend kicked my butt. I am not long for this world, but here’s the highlights:

1. Our truck failed. Rather catastrophically, I fear. While we were doing 60 mph on the highway about 10p Saturday night, 30 miles from home. All things considered, things went uphill from there. It was nobody’s fault, Dean was driving, we got it towed to our trusty mechanics’, and got home about 1230a. But it’s been out of commission for a day and I could swear there were at least a dozen times in that day when we were like, “oh wait, that’s not gonna work with the Geo”.

2. I completely re-did my office this weekend. It wasn’t even remotely on my mind until about Thursday and then I realized that I really needed to change out my desk seating and for reasons that are horribly boring and ridiculous, doing so required adjusting the entire furniture setup. And suddenly if I was going to have to go through that much trouble, I wanted to get something that I really wanted in the end. Thus the Saturday-night drive to Seattle that was the demise of the truck. On the upside, I’m really happy with the finished result, and I did manage to get it (mostly) all done this weekend. Funny how needing to, you know, work on Monday morning can really keep you on task.

3. Cabin refresh continues. For the third weekend in a row, we put in two solid days of work over there. It’s the project that just keeps expanding. Every time we make one part look better, it makes something else stick out and it just keeps cascading. Super satisfying to see it spiffed up, but we’ve gotta rein it in or it could be months. Finished up the interior painting and cleaned up all the tape, etc. today. I think the floor is the last step before we can put it back together.

4. Pigs! Our pigs were born last night and they’ll be arriving here in about two months! Woohoo!  We had hit a couple dead-ends in the search for pigs and were starting to wonder if it we were too late to the game, but through a couple of happy coincidences, we found out about a new litter so… it’s game on!