Limbs (of the knitted sort)

2015-02-25 12.26.29I was thinking today that it was probably time for a knitting update. It’s a rather unsatisfying update, because my primary knitting project of late is a secret one. Isn’t that horrible? I’ve tried not to even mention it, but it is finally and gloriously complete after a protracted finishing phase that involved as many time-outs and re-dos as a backyard baseball game of 8-year-olds. But we’re not talking about that.

So, non-secret knitting… Mostly it amounts to a couple of limbs. Which weirded me out just a bit when I went to mine my knitting basket for works-in-progress today. On the left is most of a leg that will become a pair of nether garments (I wish I could take credit for that name, but it’s a pattern from the 1960s and apparently that’s what the proper house-ladies called their longies). I knit a pair when I first started knitting again, maybe five years ago, that I wear quite a lot, so decided it was time to add a second to the collection. The stripes are because I’m using up leftover yarn from another project, but I’m pretty happy with them so far.

On the right is an arm; an arm of Asta Sollilja, an Icelandic yoked sweater by Kate Davies, to be precise. I was a little unsure of my gauge, so I decided to knit an arm first, figuring that if I needed to adjust things, or re-knit it, it would be a whole lot less investment than the body. I’m pretty excited about that sweater – I’m actually knitting it in the exact yarn and colors suggested in the pattern, which tells you something about how much I liked it. And it turns out the gauge of that sleeve is just what I expected, so I’m planning to cast on the body tonight!

It’s that time of year when I can feel the pull toward outdoor projects and other priorities, but I can’t quite believe that I can’t squeeze in a few more winter knitting projects. I might very well get these both done and wear them all spring, or they might sit until fall, it’s hard to say.