Picking up speed

2015-01-30 16.53.302015-01-30 16.53.412015-01-30 16.55.502015-01-30 17.27.06Have you noticed? Perhaps not if you live in the northeast and are buried in blankets of snow. But just as surely, we are picking up speed toward spring, friends. Today marks the traditional halfway point, whether you call it Groundhog Day or Imbolc or just February, it is clear that the light is returning.

I can see the first hints of pre-dawn light on the eastern horizon when I wake up now in the morning. We’ve been in a pattern of brilliant sunrises followed very shortly by thick fog until the sun burns it all off sooner or later. Each morning that I catch the sky blazing pink and orange only to watch it disappear into a sea of flat shades of grey feels like a victory, a gift for the early risers.

And the evenings are noticeably longer as well. Sunset is late enough now that a couple nights a week when I head off for something after work, I do so in the waning light. Last Friday we caught a 515p ferry out of town and it was gorgeous taking in the light on Port Townsend bay while we waited and then watching the sun sink behind the Olympics from the boat.

And the green light is returning, too. I caught the Indian Plum buds this week and couldn’t help getting up close with the camera. Always the harbinger, it’s no wonder I love Indian Plum so.