Fickle pickle

IMG_3263IMG_3264IMG_3266I finally finished this little knit I’ve dubbed my pickle sweater, only half a year after starting it. As is obvious, it’s really not that much knitting nor is any of it very tricky knitting, so the truth is it sat in my knitting basket for most of that time.

It is a classic case study in my fickleness as a knitter. When I cast on last summer, it was about the only thing in my basket, and I was more than happy to plug away on it in my sporadic summer knitting time. Then, before I could get too far, a baby blanket came along with a deadline and demanded to be foremost in the knitting queue. Followed very shortly thereafter by a cardigan knit-along. For a couple months, I wanted to be knitting nothing but this sweater with it’s woolly yarn (colorway: pickle!) and basic fabric while I had smooth yarns and lace patterns in my hands.

This sweater had lovely yarn and an interesting pattern and the suspense of a limited supply of yarn and very real concerns about whether said yarn supply would hold out. Of course I snuck in some illicit progress while neglecting other projects.

And then, then! I finished those other projects and nothing stood between me and the pickle sweater. And then I knit a bit more on it and got just far enough to slip it on for a (very preliminary) fit check and decided the fit was off and promptly lost all interest in finishing it.

So it returned to it’s comfortable place in the bottom of my knitting basket for weeks. I finally got curious enough to just finish the damn thing over the holidays, and it took an embarrassingly few hours to do so. And then after a further week of ignoring it, I blocked it. And it blocked out to almost precisely the pattern measurements I was aiming for.

And that is the story of how a fickle knitter (eventually) gets the sweater she set out to create at the start, in the least straightforward way possible.

PS (Can I add a PS? This isn’t exactly a letter, but it seems more appropriate than, say, an epilogue. I digress.) Would you take a look at the actual sunshine in those photos? And shirtsleeves? That is not a combination that occurs here in January. But it did, briefly, this last week and it was blissful.

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