Pale winter light

IMG_3174IMG_3183IMG_3192IMG_3188We took a little road trip over New Year’s, just down to the Oregon coast for a couple nights of winter “camping” in a yurt and then a swing through Portland. It was lovely in many ways – we drove a stretch of Highway 101 that was entirely new to us, hiked around a wonderfully quiet state park, read and knit and gamed through the long winter nights, explored downtown Astoria just enough to plan a return trip, and met a precious new babe.

We also didn’t get quite enough sleep and snuck in a trip to IKEA at the tail end, which is always more or less traumatic for me. I feel like I’m still recovering a bit, although I suspect that has more to do with trying to get back into the swing of regular routines after the last couple weeks of easy unstructured days.

So how about a few shots of pale winter light from recent days? The soft edges of foggy days and weak light feel like exactly the kind of gentleness I need this week.